Iren Group’s new website online, curated by Cultur-e together with CodeLand and PwC Italy

Ambitious and challenging: the digital ecosystem of the Iren Group is online with the new corporate portal that focuses on the information needs of different audiences...

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Simona Battistella

She transforms into a raging missile traveling at lightspeed. The boss: a Milanese in Rome. She had no trouble adjusting: within a week she used the classic roman expression “ahoo,” was perpetually late, and no longer believed the old adage that Romans never worked and drank little. Now, she only dines at typical osterie. Graced with the iron will, difficult character and pragmatic intelligence typical of Lombards. After years of studying, PHDs and academies, she became the coordinator and then the director of media content for two important portals before finally assuming her natural role: entrepreneur. She presents an unlikely appearance to the new-economy world (unfashionable shoes and pastel bouses) and despite her “I understand perfectly, but that’s incorrect”, the client almost always thank her. In the face of challenge, failure is not an option: if the mountain won’t come to her, she’ll go to the sea, “Gosh darnit!” Biggest strength and weakness: her mistakes, like her successes are always of titanic proportion.