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January 2023

Proxigas: a new horizon for the world of gas

Facing the challenges of the new international energy context, enhancing the identity of the Italian gas supply chain: with this objective, Proxigas – the association that represents companies operating in the sector – has entrusted us with the task of strengthening its online presence.

The new portal, online since the end of October, represents the point of reference for users on issues, activities and services offered by Proxigas.

In line with the priorities of the current historical and political context, the renewed language of the association is positioned on the topics at the centre of the agenda and fundamental for companies, stakeholders and citizens: ecological transition and sustainability. The content, curated by the Cultur-e team, explains the “Gas of the future” and the section which has the same name provides Q&A on energy, a thematic glossary and infographics, which are effective tools for disseminating complex concepts even to a non-specialist audience.

This is a fluid and accessible approach that also crosses the visual identity signed by Inarea and which constitutes the common thread of the changing typographic elements that make up the site: they are grafted and juxtaposed to form a story to be written together. From trailblazer and voice to future maker, the new Proxigas brand represents the Italian gas supply chain of the future.

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