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May 2021

#EqualityMeansBusiness: MetLife for women’s empowerment

Ensuring gender balance at every professional level and promoting a strong culture of diversity and inclusion, in line with a sustainable business vision and a more equitable and inclusive social model: this is the goal of MetLife. It is the first insurance company, headquartered in the United States,that has adhered to the principles for women’s empowerment set forth by the United Nations: a series of commitments established by UN Women and UN Global Compact to support gender equality in the workplace and in society.

In Italy too, MetLife has supported numerous initiatives, both in corporate and welfare spheres, aimed at encouraging the development of female managerial skills and improving the work-life balance of employees. The LinkedIn campaign #EqualityMeansBusiness, in which MetLife actively participates, was created precisely with the aim of illustrating the Company’s commitment to affirming the principles of inclusion and equality in the corporate actions and policies implemented.

Action programmes, gender balance, discrimination prevention, health and well-being: these are the issues addressed by the #EqualityMeansBusiness initiative with the aim of informing, raising awareness and involving employees and users on the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and the protection of diversity in the post Covid-19 world.

A work of synergy that recognizes MetLife’s leading role in encouraging the achievement of concrete gender equality for the growth and innovation of the social and economic system.

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