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December 2017

EXPHARMA, the online opinions on wellness and pharmaceutical products

What do Italians, Germans and Spaniards think about the relationship between well-being and pharmaceutical products? We asked this as part of the EXPHARMA project, a consortium of companies supported by the Sardinia Region for the internationalization of the I-Care service, an in-pharmacy integrated check-up system and consultancy.

The purpose of our research was to understand if from the analysis of online conversations in Italy, Germany, and Spain a dialogue or a sort of crossing point emerged between the demand for information related to the health and well-being, and answers from experts, institutes and pharmaceutical companies.

We collected a great deal of data on the issues of well-being and health in general, that shows the increasing interest from online users on these subjects; but on the other hand, we found few conversations on pharmaceutical services and products. To our surprise, we found that institutes and companies are absent and that the lack of dialogue and response from experts provides a big space for non-specialized influencers.

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SPAIN – Between obesity and fitness mania
ITALY – A country in love with food, less with medicines