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February 2019

The Farnesina embraces social media with Cultur-e

Communicating Italy’s presence and foreign policy to the rest of the world. That is the goal of the new social media strategy that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation entrusted to Cultur-e. With images, posts, and tweets, Italian diplomacy adopts a new language, user-friendly and easier to understand. It will not only be official declarations and institutional activities to find space on the Farnesina channels, but also a system of informative content, of interest to Italian citizens and residents abroad. The objective is also to establish the role of the Ministry as an online reference point for Italian foreign policy and as a guide in the understanding of global events.

The editorial line determined by Cultur-e is tailored for each channel and bilingual (Italian and English). Twitter enhances digital institutional communication by monitoring industry trends. Facebook aims to strengthen brand awareness by highlighting Italy’s presence in the world and offering service information and useful guides for citizens. Instagram is an engagement tool that develops storytelling through images and stimulates spontaneous interaction. YouTube promotes a more immediate and direct language in video format that enhances the role of the Ministry in the international diplomatic-consular network.

A varied and synergic multichannel action plan that translates the complexity of diplomacy and Italian foreign policy into a simple language that is accessible to everyone.

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