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In 2007, Milan Public Transport Company ATM underwent an internal reorganisation. In order to reach new levels of operative efficiency and service quality, the company decided to renew its internal and public working and communications tools. Over the course of three years, ATM appointed Cultur-e to design a new web identity, a new intranet, and new Internet portal and a carsharing website.


Making the Company Profile about Innovation and Service

As part of the effort to relaunch its communication activities, ATM decided to strengthen its company profile and its connotation in terms of digital innovation and service by driving the (then) new criteria based on look&feel, accessibility and usability. In particular, the need for a new Internet portal was based on the progressive increase in contacts (in 2008, the ATM website was the third most visited in Italy after CAI and Trenitalia) and the need to update it to web 2.0 standards.

Design, Development and Contents for the Intranet and Internet Portals

Cultur-e received a range of tasks to coordinatte the project, develop the editorial project, design and user experience, support editorial planning, launch the sites and promote them on-line.

2007 – 2008 – Development of a new web identity and production of guidelines for the development of the Internet and intranet portals. Development of a new company intranet portal and support for its editorial management.

2008 – 2009 – Restyling of the Internet portal: new, user-centred graphics and (for the first time) a responsive and accessible portal with multimedia content and new interactive functions; editorial management of the institutional communications area.

2010 – Editorial and graphic project for the “Guidami Carsharing” website, development and revision of content.

A Range of Awards during the First Year of the Web Portal

While the intranet became an important communications and work tool, the web portal received various prestigious awards just a few months after its launch. It won the Interactive Key Award as best corporate website in September 2009 and the eContent Award Italy (with the patronage of the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers) in November 2019 in the eGovernment and Istitutions Category.