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Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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Increase AVSI’s brand awareness, by building an integrated and synergistic brand story, harmonising communication with a wider audience of potential donors and consolidating the relationship with those who already support the NGO.

With this goal in 2021 we undertook to take care of the design and implementation of the Social Report for AVSI, enhancing its slogan “Next to those in need” in terms of graphic design. A work of communication and interpretation of values already inaugurated in 2020 with the communication campaign on Instagram #UNBEATABLE, aimed at talking about development cooperation in a new and unprecedented way.


AVSI, a non-profit organization founded in 1972, carries out development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects in 39 countries, including Italy. Particular attention in AVSI projects is dedicated to education, a tool for self-awareness, communication and sharing capable of generating real positive change. These founding values were the guidelines in the design of the 2021 Social Report and in the creation of the #UNBEATABLE Instagram campaign, with the common mission of spreading a shared culture of local development and the dignity of the person in line with an approach aimed at involving an audience sensitive to the issue of cooperation and aiming at loyalty.


Instagram campaign, advertising, editorial and graphic design, Social Report layout

2021 – Foster dialogue within the association and with stakeholders, by communicating philosophy, mission and positioning, so as to increase internal cohesion and external consensus within the company. This is the sphere of action that guided the planning and implementation of the Social Report: the 132-page document illustrates the data and, at the same time, offers a scenario. There are infographics, maps and graphs that make reading more dynamic than an exclusively textual report. The restyling started from the ground up, the master page grid has been changed. Columns have become variable to host content in the most flexible way possible.

2020 – The dynamism of the approach in the creation of the 2021 Financial Statements is the same experienced in the design of the campaigns produced for the promotion of Unbeatable on Instagram, a new way of describing how the protagonists, beneficiaries and operators of a development project act by making a website, photo-portraits, video stories and an ad hoc campaign on social networks. Instagram in particular.

A shared culture of local development and the dignity of the person

Thanks to a simple narrative, focused on processes, concrete examples and brief testimonials, AVSI’s 2021 Report presents itself as a tool capable of offering an organic vision of the work carried out, transparently highlighting the results achieved and the efficiency of the management of the Association. With this approach, we have taken care of its implementation, enhancing the objective that had already accompanied the Instagram campaign in 2020: to retain the traditional public – agencies, institutions, companies and people who follow AVSI – and expand it further.