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Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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For 2007-2009, the Italian Public Relations Federation (FERPI) decided to invest on ramping up its visibility and reputation. Planned activities included: restyling of the website and the creation of a professional social network dedicated to FERPI members. Cultur-e was appointed to design, develop the new tools, as well as manage them for the initial period.


Making FERPI the Reference Point for Italian Web Communications

In 2007, the general assembly elected ENEL Communications Director Gianluca Comin as new President and a new Steering Council with Simona Battistella, Cultur-e CEO, as New Media Coordinator. The programme proposed for 2007-2008 aimed to develop an innovative on-line action strategy exploiting the web for networking, exchanging knowledge, and promoting and managing the association. The objective was to relaunch FERPI and drive its unexpressed potential. The first activity was the restyling of the website with updates, news, sector events and the first Italian social network dedicated to PR in which members could share information, opinions and useful data.

Website and Social Network

2007/2008 – Internet Portal with a communications strategy, editorial plan, design and user experience, and development and publishing o content, including the production of communications news addressing both the Italian and international sectors.

2008 – FerpiNET social network with the design, development and management of the network dedicated to FERPI members.

eContent Award

In December 2008, obtained a “special mention” in the eBusiness category of the eContent Award, organised by the Milan Politecnico to select high quality content and promote creativity and innovation in the new media in Italy.