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In 2011, Cultur-e was appointed by the CGIL Trade Union’s Federation of Knowledge Workers (FLC) to develop a website and an on-line strategy to promote the elections for trade representatives in schools, universities, research centres and academies. In 2012, the collaboration was renewed to develop a strategy to aggregate and involve the new representatives on-line.


Rebuilding Italy from Knowledge

During the period of economic crisis and in order to renew its representatives, FLC and CGIL, led by Susanna Camusso, decided to launch a communications campaign entitled “Rebuilding Italy.” The aim was to start with schools and education to relaunch the country and its economy, investing in education and culture as essential elements for national innovation and recovery. Besides organising events and demonstrations, the objective of the campaign was to raise the awareness and involve on-line users, communicating the contents of the initiative, presenting the FLC representatives and inviting school personnel to vote them in the trade union elections (RSU). After the elections, the website was to keep people updated and provide a space for debate.

Design and Development of Internet Portal, Strategy and Management of Social Media Channels

2011: Editorial and graphic design and development, including content, for the website, on-line promotion strategy and management of  Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Channels for the campaign and the 2012 RSU elections.

2012: Integration in the user area of the portal of an area for expressing opinions and providing ideas to relaunch the country and an RSU area to provide elected representatives with a work tool for keeping in touch with their colleagues; management of social media channels.

A Successful On-line Campaign

The “Ricostruiamo l’Italia” Campaign was an on-line success both in terms of awareness raising and the participation of users and trade union representatives and proved extremely satisfactory to the internal coordinators and representatives of FLC and CGIL.