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Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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Mondadori Media

Informing new generations about women in the public and private spheres and explaining the concept of women’s empowerment through in-depth, multi-format and multi-channel content: this is the goal to which we have been entrusted by Mondadori Media through The Wom, a new all digital brand. An innovative social and web magazine dedicated to young millennials and addressed to a community of people attentive to the values ​​of gender equality, self-acceptance and sustainability.


The Wom promotes a culture that affirms the free expression of personality – as underlined by the claim “Be WOMderful, be yourself” – by intercepting the needs and interests of the new generations of women in their chosen channels: web, Instagram and TikTok. Launched at the end of 2021 in beta version on social networks and on the web, with an overall fanbase of 3.6 million followers, it is the first Italian publishing brand to introduce a Gender and Inclusion Committee, an independent committee created with the aim of implementing The Wom’s agenda of values ​​in the key issues of the new generations. This unprecedented publishing offer – which we contribute to elaborating through constant attention to new languages ​​and formats – proposes The Wom as a reference on the web for the public under 35, responding to its mission: to enhance the uniqueness of people by inspiring them in the main areas of self-expression.




Editorial design, insights and multi-format content

Talking to young women and creating culture on the issues that concern and involve them as such: the mission we have developed for the “Culture” section of the website aims to make it an access key for a broader and more fluid cultural discourse on female empowerment and equality gender. Creating and curating a space for inclusive study, in which information is transversal, accurate and attentive to the identity demands of the new generations: original and fluid, the content becomes an easy to read tool capable of simplifying complex topics and enhancing their importance through a timely and accurate disclosure.

2022 – Context and topicality analysis relating to thematic pillars, multi-format processing of content for the Cultures section of the Instagram portal and channel, daily updating and publishing through CMS.

Women’s empowerment: telling it with another kind of information

The production of SEO compliant content responds to the identity aspects of The Wom and is divided into thematic pillars that address female empowerment in all its action plans: from its intimate dimension to the public one, capable of triggering change. Disseminate, inform and inspire: we take care of the in-depth analysis of the contents also for their social dissemination, adapting languages and formats to the specifics of the channel they are addressed to: Instagram. Recognition, immediacy and reliability: these are the coordinates through which we move to meet the goal. Talking about female empowerment with all the potential of the digital world.