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August 2021

Cultur-e for digital innovation: the new Digital Identity (SPID) website is online

The new website dedicated to the Public System of Digital Identity – SPID is online. We have been involved in this project alongside AgID – Agency for Digital Italy and the Department for Digital Transformation since March 2021.

A challenging goal for Cultur-e: creating and developing a streamlined and functional technological platform, able to guarantee access to all digital services, to become the reference infrastructure in the digital transformation of the country at both a national and European level.

The website was developed from a mobile-first perspective, in line with the design guidelines of public services: through an easy-to-navigate portal, with new clear contents aimed at meeting the users’ needs, all information on SPID can be easily found by citizens, administrations and companies.

Usability and accessibility are the principles behind the design of the new website: Cultur-e has collaborated closely with AgID and the Department, conducting targeted UX tests and taking care of web design and User Experience, up to the technological development of the platform. After the post go-live activities, we will continue to deal with the development and maintenance of the portal.

The result achieved by the new SPID website is a coherent system at a visual, navigational and technological level, a reference point for citizens, PAs and enterprises to find all the information on digital identity.

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