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September 2015

Treccani Reaches 200,000 Facebook Fans

Treccani reached a new milestone: its Facebook page acquired 200,000 fans.  A reference point for Italian culture, Treccani is now an established authority in the Italian social networks too, becoming a go-to source for updates, in-depth knowledge, as well as entertainment. Treccani’s social channels are an important element in the diffusion of culture online because they act as a kind of “bookmark,” or consolidated and authoritative source for certified information.

To update the page – that we have managed since its debut in 2008 – we post specific content about the Italian language, that many users click and share: they are pillars of grammar, interesting facts about terms, detailed information on the language of public figures, as well as quotations, poems and headlines from the Treccani’s cultural magazine. These “ingredients” were chosen in order to obtain a high level of user interaction; users have become so engaged they spontaneously send questions and curiosities. The information that goes into each answer undergoes a scrupulous verification process.