Cultur-e joins the Arsenalia Group. A constantly evolving ecosystem of skills

Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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Noemi Sechi

A day without laughter is a day wasted: Noemi wastes neither days nor laughter and Charlie Chaplin must have seen her arrive at the office before a go live to think about his popular motto. Born in 1995, the young content manager of Cultur-e is a rock that is only scratched by the umpteenth rewatch of Friends. Her professional start in the midst of the pandemic has tempered her to extreme situations as well as to dissimulating mental breakdown. Give her a management plan and your life will be scheduled in detail, seasonal wardrobe change included. This is (also) thanks to her hybrid roots: the majestic Rome taught her to manage chaos and give it order.

Her Sardinian roots, on the other hand, to smell of myrtle and to preserve a soft determination. More than new creators to find on Instagram, Noemi is more interested in details and their care: an attention that she pays not only to her feed but to the whole world of communication. To connect the dots, a degree in Media, Digital Communication and Journalism and experiences in digital consulting. A mosaic of many tiles that Noemi would line up with maniacal order and which instead, in their flexibility, make her able to move with ease between website design and content creation. She is attentive and stubborn, her ability to support three-hour calls should be a subject of study at Yale: she does not turn off the PC without having crossed off her to-do list. Her favourite ones remain books and films to catch up on or culinary destinations to visit. Duty and pleasure: Noemi doesn’t choose, she does.