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We are a web agency focused on multimedia communications and social media. Established in Rome in April 2001, our vision is based on the belief that any successful business or communications strategy (for a public body, company, brand or product) depends on the quality of its content and how it engages people. Our strong point is the ability to manage complex communications processes, both internal and external, based on digital media.

Our services are geared to public companies and institutions in particular, to whom we offer our expertise in the following areas:

•    Social Intelligence
•    Communication strategies and models on diverse media
•    Social media (development, management and engagement)
•    Editorial and journalism
•    Technical and project management
•    Process management

Our team is made up of digital strategists, web data analysts, digital marketing strategists, content and SEO strategists, social media specialists, usability managers, web designers, journalists with professional experience in diverse branches of media (newspapers, radio, television and the web).

We have created a skilled, flexible and open team that can activate an international network of multilingual professionals, including multimedia experts, analysts, content editors and mother-tongue translators.

We work in tight synergy with all of our strategic partners. One of these partners is Inarea Strategic Design, a renowned agency specialized in creating and managing identity systems and a leader in Italy in the sector of Brand Communication. Together we focus on representing the complexity of phenomena with simplicity. The goal is to create brand identities based on companies values, by rendering them visible and recognizable in every communication channel.

Tracx, a global leader in the Social Intelligence sector, is another partner we work closely with. Tracx has developed a powerful engine that collects and analyzes web data. Their system monitors online conversations relative to brands, institutions, people, products, specific topics or campaigns, and allows us to identify the web influencers and manage the process of response and engagement.  With Tracx, analyses and online monitoring play an essential role in the creation of an effective communication strategy on digital media.

Since the founding of Cultur-e 15 years ago, we have received numerous awards and recognitions.  Some of the most prestigious awards include:

2015  Ragan Employee Communication Awards – Honorable Mention as Best Intranet Design to Salini Impregilo Global Intranet
2015   Intra.Net Awards – 3rd position in the User experience category to Salini Impregilo Global Intranet
2014   Interactive Key Award – in the category Web Services to www.octotelematics.com
2012   E-GOV Awards – INPS Facebook pages, in the category “A more open governement”
2011   Interactive Key Award – www.atm.it/it/guidami highlighted in the Green category
2010   TweetAwards  – Treccani Twitter profile shortlisted in the Best Brand category
2009   Interactive Key Award to www.atm-mi.it in the Corporate category and e-Content Award in the e-Government & Institutions category
2008   Interactive Key Award to www.treccani.it in the Corporate category and e-Content Award in the e-Culture category
2008   e-Content Award to www.ferpi.it in the e-Business category
2006  Premio WWW by Il Sole 24ore to www.enel.it, best web portal in the Company sector
2005   Premio WWW by Il Sole 24ore to www.enel.it, best  web portal in the Company sector
2004   Best Event Award to “Lealtà nello sport” (Loyalty in the sport) organized by Enel
2003   Italian Web Awards to www.cultur-e.it/rivista as “Excellent Website”
2002   Italian Web Awards  second place to Visita le centrali (Visit our power stations) on www.enel.it
2002   Premio WWW by Il Sole 24ore to www.enel.it, best web portal in the Company sector