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Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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Since 2022, we have been managing the production of multilingual SEO content for the company blog of UNGUESS. We deal with the editorial strategy and the production of articles, case studies and white papers in English and the related translations and SEO adaptations in Italian and Spanish.

The goal is to consolidate brand awareness and strengthen lead generation for the acquisition of new potential contacts.


Consolidate online presence of UNGUESS and generate new leads

UNGUESS, a start-up founded at the Politecnico di Milano as an AppQuality, deals with experience optimization, software quality and cybersecurity for its customers, providing them with a large community of testers. Its strategic objective is to increase the visibility of the services offered and to consolidate the lead generation, increasing the pool of potential customers. Through a content marketing strategy aimed at a B2B audience target, we respond to the need by focusing on content: we take care of the production of highly specialized SEO articles in English, SEO adaptations in Italian and Spanish, case studies and white papers.

Multilingual content strategy and SEO editorial planning

Since 2022 – Content marketing on quality software, user experience, customer experience and cybersecurity issues. Development of multi-channel and multi-format SEO content (blog post, case study, white paper) aimed at the organic positioning of the UNGUESS corporate blog and at the lead generation, according to a multilingual SEO strategy (English, Italian, Spanish).

Intercepting new customers through quality content

Focusing on rigorous and quality content to meet the goal of acquiring new customers: these are the guidelines that shape Cultur-e’s content strategy and aim to consolidate UNGUESS’s brand awareness. A winning strategy that improves the organic positioning of the corporate blog through a vast and articulated offer of content: the multilingual SEO editorial plan, as well as the design of case studies and white papers that act as high-level lead magnet to attract a B2B target. An accurate and synergical work, made possible thanks to an international team of mother-tongue content editors highly specialised in the hi-tech topics dealt with by UNGUESS.


UNGUESS chooses Cultur-e for the content strategy of its new corporate blog

Multilingual, authoritative and winning for search engines: UNGUESS has chosen Cultur-e for the content strategy of its new corporate blog. An ambitious challenge that…

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