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During a critical period for its reputation, Unipol appointed us to define a wide-reaching monitoring strategy for on-line conversations and develop an ongoing reporting system. Moreover, we also designed a viral monitoring model for the management of emerging reputational crises.


Managing Reputational Crises via Social Media Intelligence

Due in part to the electoral climate in Italy, in 2013, Unipol was continuously under attack on media and social networks. The Press Office was busy managing traditional media channels and could not also counter what was taking place on-line given the speed and number of messages being posted. Moreover, the issue was understanding when a news could go viral on-line and when it was better to intervene or ignore the provocation.

Cultur-e was contacted to support the communications staff on these delicate issues thanks to our experience with social media intelligence for the banking and insurance sectors and our use of Tracx, an advanced platform for the analysis of web and social media conversations.

Social Intelligence and Brand Monitoring

From 2013 to 2018, we listened to and analysed on-line conversations about Unipol, subsidiaries and management. In particular, we implemented a monitoring strategy on the Tracx Platform performing daily qualitative-quantitative analysis on sentiments, areas, influencers, virality and competitors and brand monitoring, producing alerts for sensitive and viral cases. In parallel, we produced monthly reputational reports on the Group and top management, as well as periodic virality and alert reports together with guidelines for action and crisis management.
We also trained a Unipol Team on social media intelligence, analysis and reporting.

Social Intelligence as a Strategic Tool

The system activated by Cultur-e allowed the Unipol Communications Team to successfully manage reputational attacks on media and keep the on-line situation under control.
The reports became an internal strategic tool for top management, marketing and communications.


Social Intelligence to measure Unipol’s web reputation

Web reputation and vitality: with these indicators in mind, the Social Intelligence project for Unipol has been launched. Cultur-e will analyze the online image of the...

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