Cultur-e joins the Arsenalia Group. A constantly evolving ecosystem of skills

Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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Branded content

Stories, emotions, entertainment. On-line audiences are attracted by content they can identify with and that arouses sensations and emotions. Companies and organisations know this and are increasingly investing in branded content to increase their brand awareness and consolidate their value proposition. This is accomplished through corporate blogs and videos that address issues related to the brand in an independent manner. The objective is to contact real and potential clients and provide them with gratifying entertainment that they will share.

Branded Content: What is It? How to do it Well.

Branded content narrates the values of a brand indirectly, without recurring to explicit advertising, by “camouflaging” it (i.e., inserting the logo as the sponsor or producer of content, or on the front cover or end titles in a video). Brand positioning content aims to create engagement on issues considered strategic for a brand. To do so, branded content must be of value to viewers, who actively seek such material for its quality and shared interest. On-line, this is usually multimedia content: videos or podcasts, but also blog posts and photo galleries. When successful, this type of content improves brand loyalty and transforms the brand into what is called a “love” or “trust” brand.

It is essential to turn to professionals to produce efficient content that will lead to concrete results. And not only for the quality of the final product, but also for their ability to generate the right visibility and virality that branded content requires. Original ideas that arouse emotions in line with the value proposition and concepts that are easy to remember, interesting and entertaining are fundamental. Moreover, it is also important to select the right platform for each type of content and target audience (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, blog, websites, etc.). When it is developed with competence and creativity, branded content allows companies not only to contact their clients (real and potential), but also to understand them better, to comprehend their interests and pre-empt their latent needs.

Branding positiong e branded content at Cultur-e

Our multichannel strategies, content marketing and branded content projects always begin with a rigorous brand analysis to evaluate the client’s initial positioning, measure the initial brand awareness and reputation, and identify a specific project value proposition and a new brand positioning (or repositioning) strategy.

We conduct an accurate target analysis to define the needs, interests, aspirations and channels frequented by the reference audience. Then, our marketing team – video makes, SEO strategists, content and social media managers – works on developing a campaign and branding content projects, before beginning to produce individual content.

Depending on the project requirements, content can be developed for corporate blogs, magazines, videos or informative podcasts, photo galleries, corporate videos, multimedia and cross-channel campaigns in a variety of formats and for different platforms. Our synergic, multichannel approach aims to promote and consolidate the mission, value and positioning of a proposal through the creation and diffusion of high-quality content that is authoritative, efficient and coherent with the expectations of the target, on the one hand, and the value proposition and tone of voice of the client, on the other.

Once the content is ready, our expertise in SEO strategy, digital marketing and social engagement ensures that the project is promoted correctly and has the right visibility on search engines, social networks, and other networks related to the given issues. Finally, KPI monitoring allows us to evaluate the success of individual content, verify its efficacy, and optimize the message, language and format to provide the best possible experience for target users. User involvement and satisfaction is paramount: “no content, no power … and no brand”.


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