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September 2020

CVA to communicate at 360 degrees with Cultur-e

Cultur-e will develop a new multichannel communication strategy for the CVA Group – Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque, one of the most important Italian enterprises operating in the green energy sector, merging the synergies of two companies CVA S.p.Aand CVA Energie, and increasing its brand awareness. The assignment includes a new social media presence, SEO content and media plan.

The rebooting of CVA digital and media activities is based on the definition of a new brand Identity developed by Inarea. The new brand will present the company through colours that communicate light, transparency and clarity.

CVA’s corporate objectives are just as clear. It has chosen Cultur-e to manage integrated communications at 360 degrees, focusing on CVA brand awareness, through authoritative and quality content and information. The aim is also to promote CVA Energie commercial proposals by developing a system of multichannel actions on websites and social media to generate valuable leads and convert them into clients. Moreover, the strategy aims to create dialogue and drive user loyalty by developing efficient synergies between traditional touchpoints and CVA digital channels.

During the autumn/winter 2020, guidelines will be drafted for the integrated multichannel scheduling of on- and off-line advertising campaigns to launch CVA Energie nationally through a brand awareness campaign that will be followed up with a commercial campaign. A subsequent phase will be dedicated to developing a internal communications support through a structured communications plan for CVA employees and ambassadors, including dedicated initiatives and workshops.

This synergic approach will centre around individuals to create an integrated and seamless experience that encompasses all fundamental points of contact with clients.

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