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On-line Reputation

The value of a company, product or service may also be measured by its on-line reputation. The ability to listen and answer target audience questions is the road to success for any initiative, whether commercial or institutional. On-line users inform us about what they desire, their needs, and they do so chaotically, both on web and social media channels.

Thus, social intelligence is key to developing an efficient communication strategy that will boost the use of digital media and proactively involve all stakeholders (consumers, citizens, influencers, opinion makers, collaborators and employees) in the creation of a positive and remunerative web reputation.

What is Social Intelligence?

Social intelligence is a process that involves the collection, analysis and elaboration of conversations on web and social channels to determine the digital presence and on-line reputation of a brand, product or service (brand awareness and brand reputation), the main characteristics of a discussion (thematic analysis), and the composition and habits of user communities (prospects, stakeholders, influencers).

Web and social listening are useful to devise marketing, brand positioning, prospect discovery and community fostering actions based on different KPIs:

  • Traffic Volume/Viral Trends – identification of conversation locations, most debated conversations and issues of interest;
  • Sentiment Analysis – evaluation of the reputation impact of conversations and semantic analysis of critical and positive issues;
  • Identification of Influencers – relevant websites, users and opinion makers for brand and reference sectors.

On-line Reputation Analysis at Cultur-e

The strategic value of our methodology is based not only on the volume and percentages of collected data, but also on their qualitative and quantitative analysis. We aim to understand where opinions are created and identify the dynamics of agreement/disagreement with particular attention to the advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses, and user diffidence and enthusiasm for brands, offers and new desires.

Our methodology identifies the following trends and values:

  • On-line Reputation – image and value trends;
  • Sentiment Analysis – critical and positive results, distribution of on-line channels and sources, flow of positive discussions in critical locations;
  • Viral Impact – viral analysis of messages, news and campaigns, promotion dynamics, obtained results, influencer mapping, networking strategy and support actions;
  • Landscape Analysis – assessment analysis, competitor and market sector monitoring, evaluation of brand transversal opinions, comparison between related services, identification of needs, optimisation and new solutions;
  • Target Insight – identification of personas, gender and age, geo-localisation, interests, visited channels, definition of typologies and modes of engagement;
  • Customer Intelligence –CRM Analysis of social channels, identification of the most efficient modes of real-time assistance and web contact centres.

For web reputation activities we use Talkwalker, an advanced monitoring platform that analyses and filters big data from web and social channels to provide complex and added value graphic visualisations.

Collected insight is developed into strategic reports by our web reputation managers and inserted into a larger integrated process of on- and off-line data analysis to produce action guidelines on areas of potential risk, opportunities for web presence and commercial development and efficient actions for user involvement. Social intelligence reports are our starting point for the definition of a strategy, design and management model that will be more useful and coherent for the client.


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