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SEO Analysis

Being present when needed is useful in everyday life as it is in marketing and communications. It is fundamental for a brand to be visible when a potential consumer looks for content, products or services on a search engine. In order to allow a website or page to emerge above others, and to do so at the right moment, requires positioning techniques. These techniques may be paid (investments in Google Ads and advertising announcements) or organic (SEO optimisation).

For organic positioning, the first step is to conduct an accurate SEO analysis on which to base a coherent and efficient SEO strategy, supported by a content strategy to maintain or increase positioning on Google SERP.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and refers to a set of analyses, strategies and activities that aim to improve the visibility of a website on search engines (Google, above all).

Optimising a website is a long process that begins with an analysis of the website and its competitors on search engines to produce an analysis of results and a strategy. During the development of the SEO strategy, key words are identified on which to base website positioning and content is created ad hoc to optimize search engine positioning.

Conducting a SEO Analysis

Understanding how to allow content to emerge naturally, at the right moment, requires a rigorous SEO Analysis of a website to identify its semantic domain, the set of key words that best represents a brand, and a study of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) for any given area.

The aim is to identify areas of interest in which to promote content and define a key word list, selecting words that are both popular, but with medium-to-low usage by competitors. SEO Analysis also allows sites to be audited, controlling elements and parameters that may influence research engine visibility both positively and negatively. SEO specialists, for example, verify the current positioning of a website or page on research results, monitor key words used in content and control that meta-tags are SEO-compliant.

SEO consultancy also includes the optimisation of images (dimensions, ALT tag presence), whether content is duplicated and if there are Google penalties or other technical problems that need to be resolved.

SEO Analysis at Cultur-e

SEO Analysis is an integral part of the marketing strategy that we develop for our clients. It can be conducted both for a new website or to reposition and improve the organic visibility of an existing portal.

Our method is based on the definition of a semantic domain. The next step is to perform an SEO audit of the website (if it already exists) or a competitor analysis. Our SEO specialists study competitors to analyse their SEO strategies and understand which key words have the highest conversion rates. Then, they define a list of key words and an editorial plan on which to develop the SEO strategy. The editorial plan is shared with our content marketing experts who develop SEO-optimised content with the list of key words defined by the SEO specialist.

Five essential points of a SEO Analysis:

  • Definition of a semantic domain
  • SEO audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Key word list
  • Editorial plan

SEO analyses are fundamental not only to decide a SEO strategy, but also to develop communications and marketing strategies. They provide the databases on which to guarantee project visibility on the main search engines. Visibility at the right moment: when it is needed.


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