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September 2021

EVOLVE 7, Maire Tecnimont’s corporate magazine redesigns the concept of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship as an organizational model, “without fear of growing”: this is the concept guiding the seventh issue of EVOLVE, the magazine on business strategies and culture published by the Maire Tecnimont group, which can be in paper format and in the dedicated section.

Cultur-e has been entrusted with the task of turning the Group’s approach and values – inspired by eight corporate Mottos –  into an editorial project, in the definition of a new idea of doing business: a way of being, rather than a life choice and a professional commitment.

7 issues published since December 2017, over 40 pages on average per issue, over 50 external contributions and interviews: the latest issue of EVOLVE marks a new milestone in the path undertaken by the Group to investigate contemporary entrepreneurship and see its future by reading with new tools of interpretation, the change management processes, the enhancement of human capital and sustainable development.

After the focus on resilience and the issues of post-Covid recovery, the new issue deals with the theme of entrepreneurship in companies, with interviews and insights from stakeholders, highlighting the importance of going beyond the boundaries of one’s comfort zone to imagine new and invisible scenarios. A new concept of innovation, “less constrained within pre-established schemes”, integrated with the theme of sustainability, conceived as an integrated strategy in the core business and a route to follow to create value over time, shaping the future “without any fear” and in the sign of a “new EVOLVE”.

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