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May 2022

Proxigas, the digital strategy signed by Cultur-e

From the merger between Anigas and Igas Proxigas, the new reference Association for the gas sector in Italy was created on the 28th April.   The goal of Proxigas is to strengthen the representation of the gas supply chain to effectively meet the challenges within the national energy system, looking at the ecological transition.

Themes such as energy autonomy, gas supply and energy mix require sector associations to respond with great clarity and transparency to a surge in the demand for understanding. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the world of energy, we are supporting Proxigas in the definition and implementation of a new digital communication strategy, in line with the relaunch objectives of the Association in a historical moment of controversial transformation.

The new Proxigas website is going to be a point of reference on the web for users to explore themes, activities, projects and services, and will recall the brand language developed by Inarea: an ever-changing alphabet composed of typographic elements that blend, graft and juxtapose. A content-oriented concept, which displays the initials and keywords of a story to be written together about the future of energy.

Thanks to a specific editorial strategy, social media will be enhanced for each channel (LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) with content in line with the interests of the target audience, with the aim of spreading a shared culture on gas issues, enhancing the community of workers in the sector and reach the target audience through targeted promotion campaigns.