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December 2017

EVOLVE, Maire Tecnimont’s new magazine

Ten years after the listing, this 4th of December Maire Tecnimont launches EVOLVE with an event dedicated to the Milan Stock Exchange. The corporate magazine aims to involve a broad audience of potential readers, both internal and external to the Group, with stimuli and reflections on discontinuity and shifts in the ever-changing economic and geopolitical scenario.

The story, told by many voices including those of expert authors, deepens the business vision that led to the success of the Maire Tecnimont Group, in a complex and multicultural context. The first number will address the stages that have brought to the listing on the stock exchange, and the strategies that allowed the building of an agile, creative and versatile system, currently known as one of the most advanced in the world. The next numbers will deal with single subjects in a multidisciplinary approach, meant to deepen single aspects of an all-Italian model of “pocket multinational”, with a presence in over 40 countries.

Cultur-e was given the task of translating into an editorial project this ample and forward-looking idea of entrepreneurship, that finds its inspiration in a solid ethical-value base, and is all about human capital.

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