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Social Media Channel Management

It is important to be present and active on social media, but it is even more important to do so efficiently and correctly, especially with a business account. This requires preparation and organisation, the ability to schedule and publish interesting content, the ability to manage channels with different objectives and the ability to keep updated on trends and mentions relevant to your brand or sector.

Allowing internal resources with little experience of on-line dynamics, community management and social care to manage your social media channels can be risky and lead to project failure. In order to achieve tangible results, you will need professional figures, including social media managers, community managers, digital strategists, graphic designers and video makers, who can be hired or outsourced, based on your needs and resources.

Social Media Managers and Community Managers

These are two key figures for the management of social media channels. A social media manager is responsible for the daily management of one or more brands or project accounts and has an understanding of all active channels (social media, web and off-line) and the project objectives and targets. This information is used to develop a social media strategy (link a Social media strategy), an editorial plan and create content for the relevant targets. A social media manager uses creativity, competences and strategy, and works with digital analysts, graphic designers and video makers to create posts that will engage the target.

The community manager, who works side by side with the social media manager, manages relations with users, answers their requests, and moderates discussions (social care) based on the governance model that is established at the outset of the project and is updated on an ongoing basis. In case of social media advertising, a social media strategist will plan viral or advertising campaigns on the required social networks.

Social Media Channel Management at Cultur-e

We provide social media network management outsourcing services with social media managers, community managers, graphic designers, video makers, digital analysts, social strategists and advertising managers. Based on the initial analysis of the client and the internal/external context, we develop digital and social media strategies, editorial projects and governance strategies. Content and posts are planned weekly in all styles and formats appropriate for each platform.

Based on the objectives and targets, we produce posts on news, events, mentions, services, photo galleries and videos. Moreover, we can provide coverage for live events. Our community managers are responsible for social care and reply to user information requests and orient them as needed.  Along with operational management, we also conduct networking activities to identify new contacts as relevant to each individual platform, promote our clients’ content, increase profile visibility and extend the network of potentially interested contacts. Moreover, on request, we can also plan and manage web and social advertising campaigns for any budget and target.

KPI monitoring is fundamental both to content management and advertising campaigns and allows us to continuously optimize our strategies and actions. Monitoring is conducted both through the proprietary insight platforms provided by each social network, as well as Cultur-e web and social listening tools. This allows us to provide our clients with a complete and interconnected vision of all social media and web channels and help them to drive a virtuous circle of listening, analysis and improvement of services.


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