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Website and Application Publishing and Testing

Before a guest arrives, we clean the house and prepare a special meal. Similarly, before launching an on-line project, we need to “feed” the content platform and make sure that everything is clear and attractive. This will provide users with pages and content that are clear, easy to read and attractive. Moreover, it is fundamental to make sure that everything works perfectly in the background, too, eliminating any “bugs” that might drive users away. Before the go-live of a website, intranet or app, we pay great care to the publishing and testing of content and services.

Publishing Content

Editorial publishing activities are usually performed through a CMS (Content Management System). These are platforms that allow us to manage and optimise web pages, even if we have no special knowledge of programming. The choice of CMS platforms is vast: from WordPress to Drupal, Liferay, SharePoint and Adobe Experience Manager. However, independently of the tool that is used, the quality and rigour of content publishing is fundamental for the success of a new project. Developing page titles with tag lines and organising content into paragraphs with links are amongst the many micro-activities that play a fundamental role in publishing.

Web and Mobile Testing

Both during the technological development and publishing phases, it is important to check that pages and services operate as intended and present all required usability standards. Scrupulous and repeated web testing activities, on a variety of browsers and screens, allow us to identify possible bugs and correct them. In this context, mobile testing is fundamental as smartphones and tablets are the main tools on which this information is viewed. Mobile testing is conducted on the most popular platforms (Android and iOS) and on a range of devices with different form factors.

Testing requires an organised approach and the use of support tools to obtain complete and satisfactory results on a wide range of devices with different characteristics, screens, operative systems and browsers (in a variety of versions).

SEO Optimisation

It is also a good idea to make sure that pages are optimised during the publishing and testing phase. SEO Optimisation (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the implementation of strategies for the identification of keywords used in content development. Naturally, SEO strategy must respect the communications and marketing objectives.

During content publishing, it is important to correctly indicate the meta description, title tag, and check that texts contain all the identified key words, as well as anchor texts, backlinks and optimized images and videos.

Publishing and Testing at Cultur-e

At the end of the technological and content development activities, our content managers begin to insert materials on websites, portals, intranets and mobile apps via open source or proprietary CMSs, selected on the basis of client and project requirements. In case of multilingual projects, we publish materials in all the necessary languages.

Further web and mobile tests are conducted during the publishing phase to verify the optimal operation of the platform. The final result is the creation of a well-organised web page that allows quick reading, is optimized for search engines, contains quality content and attractive graphics, and can be shared by readers.


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