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Palazzo Strozzi

Enhancing the Annual Report with the web perception of the brand Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi and its activities through social intelligence. This is the mission entrusted to Cultur-e, which deals with the redesign of the Foundation’s Annual Report, and whose aim is to examine in depth the analyses and the perspectives of innovation in the cultural sector after the impact of the pandemic. The challenge is to rethink the way of creating culture and planning the future through the key values of innovation, sustainability, inclusion and dialogue. Cultur-e has also restyled the publication, with the aim of promoting the brand in a contemporary graphic style.


Founded in 2006 as the first example of public-private cultural foundation in Italy, Palazzo Strozzi has produced and organised over fifty exhibitions ranging from ancient to modern and contemporary art. Its communication strategy aims to increase the Foundation’s brand-awareness and enhance its role in the Italian cultural panorama, providing it with the values of accessibility, inclusion and experimentation for art and culture.

The Annual Report, which has a high-profile promotional content, enhances all the activities carried out yearly by the Foundation and analyses the results in terms of notoriety and user participation. Cultur-e has contributed to the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Report, with the aim of meeting in a pragmatic and effective way the new challenge of the post-pandemic cultural sector: reading the web and rethinking cultural communication.


JR, “La Ferita” 2021, Firenze, Palazzo Strozzi. Photo by JR

JR, "La Ferita" 2021, Firenze, Palazzo Strozzi. Photo by JR

Social intelligence analysis, editorial and graphic design, Annual Report layout

Investigating the present and renewing one’s identity, in the awareness that the digital revolution increases the social dimension of art and culture: these are the guidelines that accompanied the analysis of social intelligence for the preparation of the 2020 Annual Report. This work included the analysis of the contents published online and the conversations resulting from them, to identify useful elements to evaluate the results of the actions undertaken by the Foundation during 2020 and to establish future strategies in the ecosystem of reference, with the analysis of thematic-value trends over time. Editorial and graphic design have enhanced the Annual Report, structured and improved through a new communication concept capable of interpreting contemporaneity. Starting from the case study of Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, Cultur-e participated in the presentation of the Report on the dedicated webinar, examining in depth methods of analysis and perspectives for innovation in the cultural sector.

2020-2021: context analysis; monitoring strategy; social and web intelligence; qualitative-quantitative analysis relating to the dynamics of diffusion of contents related to the “Fondazione Strozzi” brand, trends and performance of social channels in a comparative key; identification of influencers and opinion leaders capable of influencing sentiment on the Internet; preparation of analysis reports, design and layout of the Annual Report; presentation in live streaming through the channels of the Foundation.

2022: conception and graphic project  of the Annual Report.

A new synergy to plan the future

Development of the digital dimension, new practices on the theme of accessibility and a renewed artistic planning dedicated to public art: the 2020 Annual Report looks to the future with new values and awareness. If the digital dimension represented, in certain periods of the year, is the only space available to interact with the public, the renewed perception of the digital space, no longer in contrast with the physical one but in total synergy, has stimulated new approaches able to involve even more people and overcome the gap between exhibition audiences and the community that follows the Strozzi Foundation online.



Reading the web to rethink cultural communication: Cultur-e with Palazzo Strozzi for the 2020 Annual Report

Rethinking the way of creating culture and planning the future through the key values of innovation, sustainability, inclusion and dialogue: the 2020 Annual Report of…

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