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July 2021

Reading the web to rethink cultural communication: Cultur-e with Palazzo Strozzi for the 2020 Annual Report

Rethinking the way of creating culture and planning the future through the key values of innovation, sustainability, inclusion and dialogue: the 2020 Annual Report of Palazzo Strozzi provides a renewed reflection on the communication activities and practices of cultural institutions after the Covid-19 crisis.

Cultur-e contributed to the 2020 Report by applying the social intelligence methodology to respond to the final objective of the Report: examining in depth the analysis and perspectives of innovation in the cultural sector after the impact of the pandemic, starting from the case study of Palazzo Strozzi Foundation.

The 2020 Report will be presented with a special online event on Tuesday 20th July at 3 pm and will be live-streamed on the YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn channels of Palazzo Strozzi.

Development of the digital dimension, new practices on the subject of accessibility and a renewed artistic design dedicated to public art: starting from the impact of last year, this appointment is an opportunity to look to the future of the cultural sector with new values and awareness.


Arturo Galansino (Director General, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi)
Sara Alberti (Project Leader, Boston Consulting Group)
Gioia Risatti (Marketing and Sales Manager, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi)
Annalaura Ruffolo (Digital Strategist & Project Manager, Cultur-e)

Marco Fregonese (Professor of Strategy in Arts, Master in Arts and Management -Università Cattolica – Milan)