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March 2020

SkillON: A New ANPAL Brand by Cultur-e

A new brand alights on social networks for professional training, work and mobility. SkillON is one brand promoting three different European tools dedicated to training, mobility and work opportunities.

The objective of ANPAL, the Italian National Agency for Active Work Policy, is to provide members with both information and tools for European-level professional skills and drive dialogue between the education systems and job markets in different countries.

SkillON will provide information on news, events and content related to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) that connects the education, training and labour systems of participating countries; Euroguidance, the network of educators and coaches that promotes mobility in Europe; Europass, tools developed to clearly outline skills and abilities throughout Europe.

Cultur-e developed the communications strategy for the brand including its name and payoff, as well as the social media editorial plan for all concerned channels.

The name, a quick sound projected towards the future, communicates action: the activation of skills and competences that, thanks to the synergy of available tools, are activated, turned on, allowing individuals to kick-off new activities, leaving a country or a condition to reach a new objective.

In the brand, the “o” slants forwards creating a graphic sign that resembles an “on switch.” The payoffshed light on your competencesfurther reveals the role of SkillON as a switch that provides access to a work market in which to shine.

In terms of social media, Facebook will promote, entertain a community of students and workers, as well as operators, educators, stakeholders and opinion leaders, on mobility issues relate to work and professional training in Europe. Twitter will serve as a privileged channel for networking and PR activities, opening up to immediate exchanges with users, as well as to provide real-time information on events.

Once the on-line presence is activated, the challenge will be to involve sector operators and influencers in a network of digital PR activities aiming to disseminate content.

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