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Social Media Editorial Plan

Just like students use school diaries to organise their homework, manage courses and plan for tests, a good social media manager needs to plan priority issues and content, organise daily publications and monitor action on all active channels. In order to achieve objectives, social media managers follow a social media editorial plan.

What is a Social Media Editorial Plan?

The editorial plan for social media is a strategic document that defines project objectives and identifies targets of interest and the channels that are best suited to the content and objectives (social media map). For each profile or page, it defines the recommended tone of voice, issues and content to share, publication frequency and social media post scheduling. Thanks to the social media editorial plan, social media managers know exactly what to publish, when to publish it and how to publish it – as well as on what channels and in which formats. This will provide the channel with a more authoritative, reliable and professional aspect, increasing the possibility that users opt to become readers and active participants. And then, new clients.

Editorial Plans for Social Media at Cultur-e

For every social media project, we begin by analysing its starting context to define an action strategy and a social media editorial plan. The objective of the editorial plan is to identify relevant issues based on project objectives and targets, the communication model (graphic style, naming, editorial elements and tone of voice) and the format for each channel (i.e., posts, videos, photo galleries, FAQs, contests).

We also decide where to source material from and the post frequency, on the basis of user habits and navigation data that we extract with social tools. Our editorial plans for social media end with a description of the management workflow that defines all roles (admins, editors, moderators, data analysts), content validation flows, a map of internal resources and rules for the management of notifications. To simplify management, we also provide an editorial planning template to schedule the daily publication of content.

At this point, the social media “diary” is ready to guide the daily actions of social media managers, along with a schedule and notes on how to create interest, drive relations and attract user participation. For social media marketing projects, the editorial plan also includes advertising campaigns and KPI monitoring strategies to evaluate the results and optimise actions.


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