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Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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Advertising Campaigns

With 3.48 billion active users worldwide, including 1.5 billion users a day just on Facebook, as well as 500 million a day on Instagram, social media provide a wide range of marketing opportunities. As on the web, advertising campaigns aim to create interest, consensus and new relations for brands and products/services. And just like with any other digital action, in order to obtain results and use resources wisely, nothing can be left to chance! Advertising campaigns are the result of a strategic and operative process based on coherence with your business identity and a profound knowledge of the target.  

What are Advertising Campaigns?

On-line advertising campaigns allow clients to publicise content to Internet and social media users, based on their specific interests. How? By using strategic keywords, defined on the basis of business (or service) objectives and identifying the relevant targets.

Social media advertising campaigns are specifically designed for social networks. Users view announcements based on visited websites and product searches. This presents a double advantage: companies and organisations showcase their products/services or messages to a potentially interested target segment, while users find promotions related to their needs or interests. The objective is to transform visibility into consensus and positive actions: engagement, traffic on websites and landing pages, lead acquisition, the registration of users to new services and sales.

However, successful advertising campaigns are not simple. They require a communication and marketing strategy, and a solid KPI monitoring activity. The former define targets, objectives, resources and message creativity, while the latter evaluates the campaign results and allows advertisers to optimize messages, channels, keywords and budget.

Advertising Campaigns at Cultur-e

Our social media advertising activities are developed in close collaboration with traditional press office and digital PR activities. The objective is to schedule the ongoing promotion of a system of on-line content (on web and social media channels, both proprietary and not) to bolster the content strategy and reinforce its impact. The planning and operative management of advertising campaigns is carried out by project managers in collaboration with digital strategists. Before developing an advertising campaign, our experts define the social media strategy in terms of objectives, targets, channels and messages or values to promote.

The planning process begins with the creation of accounts and budget allocation, the decision on what product/service/content to promote and their combination in relation to the target. We then involve graphic designers, copywriters and video makers in the production of content. Throughout the management of advertising campaigns, we verify the results daily and finetune the campaign strategies, producing monthly (or weekly) reports on result statistics.

In addition to social advertising campaigns, we also always propose integrated on- and off-line activities with traditional campaigns and on-line press offices, the involvement of internal influencers and opinion leaders, and the organisation of special initiatives to raise awareness, create engagement and attract potential clients.

Our objective is to rapidly increase visits and conversions on client or project content, services or products.


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