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November 2019

ANPAL Selects Cultur-e for Euroguidance, Europass and EQF

Contributing in a substantial manner to the efficacy of the tools that Europe provides to all individuals in search of new opportunities for work, education and mobility will be the objective of Cultur-e as a partner of ANPAL, the Italian National Agency for Labour Policy. Cultur-e will be responsible for web and social communication activities for the three national contact points (PCNs): Euroguidance, Europass, EQF

The communication and social media management services will be integrated amongst the three PCNs with the objective of strengthening the brand identity, increasing the visibility of services and efficiently reaching all potentially interested subjects.

In coordination with the ANPAL Team, Cultur-e will develop and monitor the integrated communications plan, which includes rebranding, development of the editorial project and the information architecture for the new PCN website, development of content and production of original videos, and ensuring reporting and constant KPI monitoring. A second project phase will address the opening of new social channels and digital PR and content dissemination activities.