Cultur-e joins the Arsenalia Group. A constantly evolving ecosystem of skills

Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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Since 2007, we have produce all SEO-optimized content to organically position the Fastweb Portal on issues related to digital media, devices and new technology.

Since 2022, Fastweb confirms Cultur-e in the design, planning and production of SEO compliant content of the new FastwebPlus portal, enriching the type of content formats and expanding the themes to become an authoritative and attractive reference on the network on new technologies, the professions of the future and the most requested digital skills.


Brand awareness, SEO positioning and lead generation

The strategic objective that Fastweb has set is to increase the visibility of the Digital Academy through a content branding strategy so as to stand out as a reference point for the professions of the future. A further objective is to maintain the SEO positioning already achieved in previous years of collaboration through the launch and management of the FastwebPlus publishing hub, with strictly SEO content that is both multi-format and multi-channel, with topics ranging from new technologies, digital soft skills, digital marketing and digital creativity. Finally, it sets the goal of lead generation, by building a new customer journey designed for the acquisition of new contacts and the loyalty of those already reached.

Creation of a webzine and SEO content marketing

Since 2007 Content marketing on digital issues, with daily processing and publishing of articles aimed at the organic positioning of the Fastweb portal, according to an SEO strategy, on the themes of Web & Digital, Social, Internet, Smartphone & Gadget. Cultur-e edited the publication of over 2,500 articles.

2007/2012 – Webzine creation and online promotion, with editorial and graphic design of the Digital webzine, daily updating of the various columns, creation of a reasoned directory on portals and magazines of culture, thought, art and new technologies, online PR for the launch of the webzine.

Since 2022 – Design and implementation of the new FastwebPlus digital magazine. Cultur-e has dealt with the design of the content marketing system together with Fastweb, the production of multi-format and multi-channel SEO compliant content – guides, articles, how-to, news, videos and ebooks -, the graphic design of ebooks for FastwebPlus, CMS debugging test and publishing.

A rigorous and successful SEO Methodology

Cultur-e articles are the most viewed on the Fastweb portal. And the relay of “high-tech” contents on current affairs, IT security, digital agenda and the social world bears fruit in terms of positioning and organic visibility of the brand in the digital and new technology sector.

With the new publishing hub, Cultur-e expands its collaboration with Fastweb through the design with the customer of a complex content marketing system, the production of multi-format and multi-channel SEO content aimed at brand awareness, positioning and lead generation on issues of high interest in both technology and digital marketing.


Cultur-e with Fastweb for the launch of the new FastwebPlus portal

A consolidated partnership renewed by new projects: it was 2007 when Fastweb chose Cultur-e as a partner for the launch of its Fastlife magazine, which became the...

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10 years of digital technology with Fastweb

2007 – 2017. We celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Fastweb and Cultur-e. A strategic partnership based on based on professionalism, competence, and collaboration...

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