The New CVA Energie Advertising Campaign is multichannel with Cultur-e

Describing twenty years of experience in renewables with a focus on people: this is the objective of the new Cultur-e advertising campaign for CVA Energie, a company...

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Logo cliente

Since 2007, we have produce all SEO-optimized content to organically position the Fastweb Portal on issues related to digital media, devices and new technology. In ten years, we have produced over 5000 articles. 


Acquiring New Clients and Building Customer Loyalty through Marketing

Fastweb’s strategic objective is to position its website by producing specialised, original content based on a careful and rigorous study of trending key words related to new technology.

Developing a Webzine and SEO Content Marketing

Dal 2007Content marketing on digital issues with development and daily publishing  of articles to organically position the Fastweb Portal, through a SEO strategy, on issues related to the web and digital media, social, Internet, smartphone and devices and gadgets. Cultur-e has managed the publication of over 2500 articles.

2007-2012 – Development of a webzine and on-line promotion with an editorial project and the graphic development of the webzine, daily updating of various features, development of a directory on portals and magazines concerning culture, philosophy, art and new technology, including on-line PR for the launch of the webzine.

A Rigorous, Successful SEO Methodology

The articles produced by Cultur-e have the highest number of views on the Fastweb Portal. In fact, the relay on high-technology content addressing current affairs, computer security, digital agenda and social media is successful both in terms of positioning and organic visibility of the brand in the digital and new technology sectors.


10 years of digital technology with Fastweb

2007 – 2017. We celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Fastweb and Cultur-e. A strategic partnership based on based on professionalism, competence, and collaboration...

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