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November 2017

10 years of digital technology with Fastweb

2007 – 2017. We celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Fastweb and Cultur-e. A strategic partnership based on based on professionalism, competence, and collaboration in the name of technology.

In the beginning, it was Fastlife. A multi-weekly thematic with an original web directory that guided users through the less frequented online roads. The objective was twofold: to increase Fastweb customer loyalty and capture new audiences through unique and distinctive content. Over 2500 articles were published on themes like Web & Digital, Social Media, Internet, Smartphone & Gadgets, to help the online positioning of the Fastweb portal.

In 2008, Fastweb discovers the Myopencity community, sees its potential and adopts it as its own. Designed and developed by Cultur-e, it was one of the first social networks in Italy to be fueled by geolocated user-generated content.

In 2012 Fastlife created the new¬†Fastweb Digital Magazine. A “high-tech” content brochure that involved Cultur-e in its important editorial management. In the last 5 years, it has published about 4,500 articles, with an editorial line that focuses on the latest technological innovations, current issues and insights on computer security, digital agenda and social media analytics.

Strategic goal: to be at the top of the search engine rankings thanks to variety, completeness, originality, and content precision by applying a rigorous SEO methodology.

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