Cultur-e joins the Arsenalia Group. A constantly evolving ecosystem of skills

Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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In 2008, we began the transformation of the Treccani brand. Over ten years, we have contributed to making it an on-line reference point for culture. First with the editorial design and development of the portal and then through its social channels, making it a best case.


Making Treccani A Modern, On-line Encyclopaedia

With the birth of Wikipedia and other free on-line sources, encyclopaedic knowledge entered a crisis. Families no longer invested in voluminous printed sets, preferring the ease and speed of less complete digital searches. However, with the arrival of Franco Tatò, Treccani decided to face the challenge posed by the digital market and renew its image. After a few unsuccessful attempts and thanks to our successful collaboration with ENEL, Tatò appointed Cultur-e to direct the renewal process and design a new identity, portal and business scheme, as well as develop and on-line PR campaign.

Internet Portal, Content and Social Media Management

2008development, design and user experience, coordination of the digitalisation process for encyclopaedia terms and development, launch and on-line PR for the new portal.

2009 – 2010Editorial management of focuses and web-tv, launch and management of on-line calls and social media channels (Facebook, YouTube e Twitter).

2011Consulting for the new restyling of the portal, editorial adaptation, daily updating of homepage and promotion on social media channels.

2012 – 2018Social media management and social care for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels with on-line promotion and engagement campaigns.

Web and Social Media Awards

During its first year on-line, the portal received important awards as an innovative and easy to navigate website: the Internet Key Award as best Italian corporate website, as well as a nomination in the Media & Educational Category and the eContent Award for second place in the eCulture Category.

In 2011, Treccani placed 4th for the most followed Twitter profiles in Europe in the Publishers Category and reached 100,000 followers in 2014.

In 2015, the Facebook page reached 200,000 fans and 300,000 fans in 2017 with a high engagement rate for users, especially for a cultural channel.


Treccani: 300,000 fans on Facebook

The Treccani Facebook page, managed daily by Cultur-e, reaches a new milestone of 300,000 fans. The management started in 2008, aiming at involving users by tweaking...

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#leparolevalgono: A New Success for Treccani

Almost 7 million unique users, more than 21 million views and more than 2,000 users on Twitter alone. These are the numbers reached by Treccani’s #leparolevalgono...

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Treccani Reaches 200,000 Facebook Fans

Treccani reached a new milestone: its Facebook page acquired 200,000 fans.  A reference point for Italian culture, Treccani is now an established authority in the...

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100.000 Twitter followers for Treccani

In 2010 Treccani lands on Twitter, an unpopular social platform in Italy at the time, resulting in a low participation from a void public. Today, its 100.000 followers...

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