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March 2023

Accredia relaunches its online presence and entrusts Cultur-e with the new website

Positioning Accredia as a «trusted» reality and making it the reference point on the web for quality and safety: with this objective, the sole national accreditation body entrusted Cultur-e, after a public tender, with the design and implementation of the new website.

The strategy to enhance the presence on digital media aims to enhance Accredia’s online image, thus consolidating communication with accredited bodies and laboratories and sector operators and promoting the role of the body on the market and in daily life: ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of the certifications, inspections, tests and calibrations accredited in a competent and impartial manner in the various reference areas.

The new website will give an integrated form to Accredia’s digital identity, starting from the content & SEO strategy up to the restyling of the information architecture: a new organization of the vast wealth of content and documents that ensures quick understanding and easy access to all areas of the website, especially those for insiders. A synergistic work between web design and technological development will allow the optimization of current content.

The implementation of targeted UX tests will validate the effectiveness of the project and allow intuitive and understandable navigation for everyone, able to give users access to information in a simple and immediate way. Paths and interactive content designed for the specific needs of the targets will guide the user experience: people at the centre.