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November 2022

Does Europe think about young people? Cultur-e launches CNEL’s online consultation

Presented last July and made effective over the past months, CNEL’S public consultation on Europe, the effects of the pandemic, NPRR and youth representation was born from the collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of University and Research, the Department for youth policies and universal civil service, the Department for European Affairs of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the National Youth Council and Rai for sustainability.

A large-scale monitoring activity for which the platform was developed. Graphic layout, website content and communication strategy on social channels (Facebook and Instagram) are by Cultur-e, which collaborated with the Doxa company to develop the portal and the online questionnaire.

The project is addressed to young people aged 14 to 35: Generation Z, Millennials and young activists involved in movements such as Friday for the Future, associations and volunteering.

A simple question leads the campaign: “Does Europe think about young people?”. The target and focus of the consultation are immediately combined to encourage participation and offer an opportunity for young people to express their opinion: “Make your voice heard, participate in the consultation.”

The communication strategy developed by Cultur-e has the dual objective of bringing traffic to the initiative’s landing page and promoting CNEL’s brand awareness to make new generations aware of their role in the country’s political representation system. The social content engages the target audience of young people by providing them with useful tools to shape their personal opinions develop their awareness and encourage them to express and assert them by participating in the online consultation.

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