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June 2021

Cultur-e with GO-Mobility: a new data culture for the mobility of the future

Big Data at the service of new mobility: in the post-Covid “new normal”, cities are at the centre of a momentous change that redesigns traditional urban models in terms of services and infrastructure, with an emphasis on sustainability.

Will the old business and regulatory models be able to support the new scenario? To answer this and other questions, the Data Mobility initiative – Big Data at the service of new mobility was created, from an idea of the engineering company GO-Mobility based in Rome.

On 17th June, at 9.30, it will be possible to follow the event live on GO-Mobility’s social channels: prominent speakers from the sector will participate, explaining to the public how mobility in 14 metropolitan cities in Italy has changed in one year. It will also be possible to view the data in real time thanks to “mobility insights”.

Data Mobility is not only an event, but also an online magazine that raises new questions in the debate among the main stakeholders in mobility, stimulating in-depth study and reflection on the insights emerging from data analysis.

Cultur-e, partner of the project, conceived the web and social strategy for Data Mobility, taking care of the UI and UX of the mini-site dedicated to the event, creating the contents of the magazine and the social formats for the promotion of the initiative, including the video teaser.