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July 2020

EVOLVE TALK: The European Commission, Maire Tecnimont and Cultur-e on the future of Europe and the Green Deal

On Thursday, July 23, was held a new EVOLVE TALK, the on-line roundtable focusing on the issues addressed by EVOLVE, the Maire Tecnimont Group corporate magazine produced by Cultur-e.

“The Future of Europe. The Green Deal as a Development Engine” was entirely dedicated to the European Green Deal, the roadmap to make the European economy more sustainable. The Green Deal will address climate issues and environmental challenges to identify opportunities for development and guarantee a fair and inclusive energy transition. 


  • Simona Battistella, CEO, Cultur-e

The On-line Perception of Europe and the Green Deal

  • Antonio Parenti, Head of the European Commission’s Representation in Italy

The Green Deal: An Engine for a New Europe            

  • Fabrizio Di Amato, President and Majority Shareholder, Marie Tecnimont 

The Entrepreneur as an Energy Transition Accelerator

  • Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO, Maire Tecnimont Group and NextChem

NextChem: Grasping Opportunity for Change

  • Francesco Gazzoletti, Managing Partner, FortyEight Brussels

EU Tools for Energy Companies over the Next Decade


The event was moderated by Massimo Dapoto, Group Communication Manager, Maire Tecnimont.

The central issues that were addressed by the webinar included the perception, on the web, of the European Union and the Green Deal in Italy. How can the EU stimulate coordinated action amongst institutions, enterprise and citizens over the medium to long-term? What legislation is necessary and what are the opportunities for enterprise? How will companies be able to adapt their business to the new scenario? 

Listen here to the podcast