Cultur-e joins the Arsenalia Group. A constantly evolving ecosystem of skills

Creating a constantly evolving integrated ecosystem whose strength results from its complementary skills. With this objective Cultur-e – together with Oblics and...

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In 2015, we started repositioning IREN’s digital media. The analysis of data and on-line conversations guided the restyling of the 7-site system and the opening of the Group’s social channels. The commitment then shifted to the daily management of the profiles and social media advertising.

In December 2021, following consultation, Iren once again entrusted its digital repositioning activities to the integrated team comprised of Cultur-e together with PwC Italia and CodeLand. The proposed strategy, starting from the data-driven design of the corporate portal to its development, includes all the dimensions which contribute to creating the Group’s identity, developed according to the characteristics of each channel.


Establishing identity and facilitating people’s lives with an integrated digital strategy

In 2015, the North West multiutility, leader in the sector of energy, water and environmental services, was already very active in the area. The digital strategy designed by Cultur-e responded to the goal of effectively and functionally communicating not only the Group’s services, but also the successful results and continuous investment in efficiency, innovation, attention to the environment and its citizens.

Iren’s identity and offer have been reworked and enhanced through a synergistic and integrated approach that has placed people’s experience at the centre in choosing the energy supply, managing waste collection services and understanding the functioning of the water supply system. The digital intervention, targeted and consistent with Iren’s values, has contributed to enhancing awareness on the offer of services and increased the multi-channel involvement of users.

In 2022 the new digital ecosystem of Iren Group, curated by Cultur-e together with Codeland and Pwc Italia, took on the role of trailblazer and protagonist within the ecological transition: the enhancement of services from a customer-centric perspective has been in continuity with the digital brand experience, centred on in-depth content promoting the culture of sustainability. Together with an extreme clarity of messages and content, the renewed digital presence has strengthened the leadership of the Group and established its importance at the national level as an operator, at the service of local communities and citizens.

System of websites and internet portals, social profiles, social ADV

Starting from the needs of the Group, Cultur-e has developed its strategy on digital media, designing a system of 7 integrated portals and opening social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube). The strategy adopted focuses on integrated and cross-channel communications, capable of enhancing the brand in the reference territories, raising awareness on the offer of public utility services and activating multi-channel involvement of users. Once websites and social channels have been launched, Cultur-e creates quality content branding, aimed at promoting positive actions and results in terms of service, innovation, technological growth and attention to the environment. Furthermore, it has launched a new social care service as a strategic lever for CRM and Social Media Marketing, and uses Social Intelligence monthly analyses to identify intervention strategies on hot, delicate or major interest topics for users.

2015 – 2016 – Social intelligence and brand monitoring, development of a monitoring strategy and customization of the Platform, qualitative and quantitative analyses (volumes, sentiment, places, influencers, virality, competitors) and ongoing brand monitoring activities with alerts on viral and sensitive cases. Development of monthly reputation reports for IREN, the Group companies and top management with geo-localised analyses in cities where the services are provided.

2015 – 2017 – Development of the Group website system with context analyses and an analysis to determine the position strategy, editorial project and graphics for the Group website system: Iren luce e gas, Iren Ambiente, Iren Acqua, IRETI, Iren Informa, Eduiren, Iren Collabora. Coordination of the digital ecosystem development.

2015 – present – Social media management with a definition of the on-line presence strategy, development of fan pages and dedicated communities (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn), development of social policy and management plan. Daily operative management and development of engagement initiatives to expand the fan base and conduct CRM in real time. Advertising campaigns.

2020 – Refresh of the social media editorial strategy on the basis of IREN’s new positioning which, ten years after its creation, is a new protagonist in the transformation of the sector: from the energy transition to electric mobility and new forms of circular economy. Development of a social media brand book with new features and formats to promote its strategic assets – sustainability, a focus on people, energy transition – and create a new storytelling for the IREN Group. Development of advertising campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to accompany the national media campaign.

2022 – Go live of the Group’s new corporate portal, elaboration of content strategy to meet the needs and interests of different target audiences, social media strategy, launch of EveryDay brand magazine to tell, through high-profile brand journalism, the ecological transition in its different aspects. From innovation to circular economy, from climate scenarios to sustainability challenges.

EveryDay, brand journalism to describe ecological transition

The start of the new digital ecosystem is also an opportunity to launch EveryDay, the new online magazine of the Group that responds to the need for investigating and describing the scenarios and transformations in the fields of energy, infrastructures and environment. Recalling Iren’s promise of “shaping tomorrow every day“, EveryDay aims to focus on the major issues that characterize ecological transition, starting from the Group’s knowledge and experience: an ambitious project to which Cultur-e has responded by designing the editorial plan and developing SEO-compliant content, described through the language of brand journalism.


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